Straight Talk with Sarah Brabbs - 2020 (on being me, too)

I used to think I couldn't really "be me" online authentically and I had not a clue how even if I could, how to go about making what I do accessible to a worldwide audience. That's changed though.

To that end, I have a bunch of projects coming soon-ish.

This is about the first -- which some of you purchased a few months ago, so if that's you, read on for more detail.

Straight Talk with Sarah Brabbs - 2020

A year-long series of private talks - one topic a month and a guided workbook/journal. You will receive PDF worksheets that as you use them, will become your personal workbook/journal.

In the worksheets that accompany there are questions to ponder and also "life experiments" as I think of the exercises, that you can try if you want.

If you already purchased FYI talks will be uploaded and available to you as we go, a month at a time.

Soon you will receive an email with your login to the online community space this happens through. If you want to purchase

You can join at at any time. It's $27 and you will have lifetime access to this with that.

See the bottom.

Straight Talk with Sarah Brabbs - 2020 Talk Schedule* January: Time Flies: Communication and Aging February: A Continuum and a Conundrum: Enabling and Disabling Communication

March: Manage Stress More Effectively, Save Time

April: How to Influence Ethically and Effectively

May: Cutting, Culling, and Curating Out Bullsh*t in Our Everyday Lives

June: Speaking Clearly

July: Better Quality Gifting

August: Thoughts on Strategy

September: Thoughts on Being Broke and Money Stuff

October: Clarity Matters, Sometimes

November: Fear, My Consistent Companion

December: Reflections on 2020 BONUS: why goal-setting fails sometimes + setting goals in light of this *note - order may change slightly, and more detailed information regarding what I'm specifically covering will be emailed out before each talk.

Happy 2020!! Sarah Brabbs

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