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sarah lights up many paths. hallways. spaces. stages. people. as a... consultant. community founder. coach. speaker. thought partner. teacher. guide. author.

hi, i'm sarah brabbs

imagine you are hiking on a path in a forest. this path represents you, and your future life direction and decisions. you realize it's getting darker.. and your light isn't cutting it.

if this path is... little things, you know like your deep purpose, focuses, energy, legacy, or your business (/s) and - even as you know [and trust] this path - you also are feeling like you could use more light? 

this is where i come in. think of me like a person that pops up at a helpful time, a path illuminator. i have no interest in directing you, this is your journey. what i do well is light up your path and the forest, to help you see and act more clearly. especially because you want to move forward, even though you're in the midst of more uncertainty (than usual).

leaving all the metaphors behind... i tend to intersect with other purpose-focused humans juuuust as they are feeling clear(er) about how unclear they really are, are ready to pursue whatever that means, and also want to make what they need to and feel is important, happen in the world.

if all *this* (waves hands upward) is happening and you could use [quality] help now? soon? look around my site - i help in various ways. also, consider yourself invited to a public virtual event if you want an illuminating experience that will be helpful for this moment you're in. 
lastly - intuitive journeys is a course i offer 2-3x/year too - more info is here.

what others say - feedback from coaching, speaking, + consulting clients, course participants, + a friend

"This was pure gold."

"I felt unstuck and open. Open is really the world that stands out. I felt open in a new way, like there was room for new thoughts and experiences."

"You helped me feel safe and learn to see me more deeply, honestly, and courageously. I feel hopeful, calmer, and am more connected to myself. Even though I'm going through something hard still - I am clearer, and feel so much better. Thank you."

"I am loving this so much, I can't even tell you."

"I would have happily paid someone $500 for the kind of advice you just gave me for FREE in the last hour over a drink...I just need you to know that. You helped me figure out something I was stuck on in my business, and so creatively, too! I appreciate this so much - thank you!

"Leaders who attended your training were still talking about it several months later - that's how impactful it was."

"Feedback from attendees of her talk was among the highest we've ever seen, in almost 25 years of hosting speakers. She over-sold the room, and was outstanding."

"I learned more from her in 45 minutes than I did in two years of therapy."

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