Sarah Brabbs
 is a teacher at heart.
She loves to help guide others and does this via speaking engagements, consulting, thought partnering, coaching, mentoring, and helps lots of people and orgs with things that really matter. 

In her work with orgs, Sarah consults with leadership primarily and others (middle management, employees, for example) as needed and more occasionally.

In her work with individuals and groups, she runs virtual courses and has a private virtual community (currently entry in to these happens by referral or invite-only).

Sarah is frequently referred to as a catalyst of change. That's because she is someone who, in a moment or in a conversation, is known for illuminating others' pathways in ways that resonate deeply with them.

She is often a "right person at the right time" for clients. To listen / watch a short video that illuminates some of this about her, scroll down a bit.

Sarah is the author of one book so far, although she is writing more, now - "So People Say You're an Asshole" - for people who really don't get why others tell them they're an asshole, they tend to love her book - and, it is also for those who love (or work with) an asshole.

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Keep scrolling for a note from Sarah!

To get a feel for Sarah's approach and who she is, listen to her talk about difficult conversations in this interview on NPR

I think we all get too many emails

A Note from Sarah - I hate getting excessive emails!

Specifically I cannot stand emails that are manipulative, contain fluff, are not authentic, and waste my time.

I have only sent a few emails to "my list" in the last few years, and only when I have important news. 

So if you are thinking YES, I also think we get too many emails! And also yes, I do think I'd like hearing from her....


Well then, you know what to do below. 

Thanks for following me! I am on a bit of a hiatus from social media in 2021.
If you want to get in touch, either fill out the contact form here or send a note to


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