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Sarah Brabbs
 is a "soul guide" as Martha Beck would say; she is a helper at heart.
As such, she is a right person at the right time for those whose paths cross hers - who are searching for kind of help.

She only occasionally updates this site; website design/layout- not her thing. The best way to reach her is either find and DM her on social media, or send a contact request through this site.

Sarah comes alive through creating spaces where others step more fully into who they are and have deep growth, successes - where transformation happens.
Beyond transformation, she helps tactically with what may come next, out of this transformation - for them to try, do, or if they've made a change of some kind- to walk it out. 

Below is a brief snapshot of who Sarah's clients are. She also founded a virtual community for women on a specific growth journey, Integrity + Impact. It opens 2-3x a year.


If you don't want to read more- if you scroll down to the video - that's 2-3 minutes of what someone else said, about Sarah's work, and will give you a good sense of who she is.

In her work with organizations, Sarah most often consults with decision-makers (+ interested org influencers) about internal / external people, processes, and meaningful application - for change. Sometimes, her work begins because there's a mismatch with someone in power at an org, or some kind of emergency or crisis - Sarah helps with assessing/coaching, and crisis management first when this is the case.

She also delivers customized trainings for orgs, and does keynote speaking.

In her coaching, Sarah guides people who:


  • are usually creatives, or artists (often, also ADHDer's)

  • either already are a solopreneur/small biz owner - or thinking starting a biz

  • care about leaving the world better + are kind people

  • want to discover what's possible and best for them + are at a point that they know this (work, part of their journey) is something that only they can do (are done looking out /around for answers - because they know on some level - they already have them)

  • are healing from or currently in a family or relationship situation that may toxic (or, it is, it's not a question)

  • are at a crossroads moment/season

    Sarah is the author of one book so far, and she is writing again. 
    "So People Say You're an Asshole" - is a book for curious people who really don't get why others tell them they're an asshole - they seem to like it best.
    It is also for those who love (or work with) an asshole.


Sarah laughing up b_w.jpg
Keep scrolling for a note from Sarah!

To get a feel for Sarah's approach and who she is, listen to her talk about difficult conversations in this interview on NPR

I think we all get too many emails

A Note from Sarah - I hate getting excessive emails!

Specifically I cannot stand emails that are manipulative, contain fluff, are not authentic, and waste my time.

I have only sent a few emails to "my list" in the last few years, and only when I have important news. 

So if you are thinking YES, I also think we get too many emails! And also yes, I do think I'd like hearing from her....


Well then, you know what to do below. 

Thanks for following me! I was on a social media hiatus, but not anymore, so feel free to find me there too.
If you want to get in touch, you can fill out the contact form here, find me on socials and DM me, or send an email to optimizingrelationships at gmail dot com... this is not my main email, but I check it. You'll get a response from my real email. :)


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