Sarah Brabbs

is a speaker who also wrote a book about and for assholes.  

She's on a mission to equip and inspire regular people to have better relationships. She makes learning fun!

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To get a feel for Sarah's approach and who she is, listen to her talk about difficult conversations in this interview on NPR

I think we all get too many emails

A Note from Sarah - I hate getting excessive emails!

Specifically I cannot stand emails that are manipulative, contain fluff, are not authentic, and waste my time.

I have only sent a few emails to "my list" in the last few years, and only when I have important news. 

So if you are thinking YES, I also think we get too many emails! And also yes, I do think I'd like hearing from her....


Well then, you know what to do below. 

Thanks for following me here! You can also email me at optimizingrelationships at 

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