Sarah Brabbs
 helps others - people, groups, audiences, clients, orgs, gas station attendants she randomly speaks to - she seeks to help others be and become all they want to be, can be, even may need to be. She guides, she supports, she coaches - she inspires, and she believes in others, even when they don't believe in themselves.
Sarah is a teacher at heart - so she's a speaker, consultant, coach, author, and virtual community creator.
She's unintentionally funny (sometimes intentionally, but that doesn't always work for her) - she's been called a catalyst of change, a wizard, and many times - she's been the person for someone else, essentially her words were the right thing at the right time for that person - they "changed everything" - this is her calling and ultimately why she does what she does - so peopel she works with can go do big things they are meant to do - or the small things they really want to do - she helps them get clear, and move in a direction at the right time, with nothing holding them back. This year (2021) she is piloting fun courses in groups in her (private) virtual community.
She is the author of "So People Say You're an Asshole" - a book for people who don't get why lots of people say they're an asshole - and it's a book for others too.

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To get a feel for Sarah's approach and who she is, listen to her talk about difficult conversations in this interview on NPR

I think we all get too many emails

A Note from Sarah - I hate getting excessive emails!

Specifically I cannot stand emails that are manipulative, contain fluff, are not authentic, and waste my time.

I have only sent a few emails to "my list" in the last few years, and only when I have important news. 

So if you are thinking YES, I also think we get too many emails! And also yes, I do think I'd like hearing from her....


Well then, you know what to do below. 

Thanks for following me here! You can also email me at optimizingrelationships at 

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