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Sarah Brabbs Coaching Info -
I coach such a variety of people, at different (important) points in their life that I'm organizing this page for now with a TLDR (here) and below, there's more. If you see yourself/are wondering if I could be useful for you, read on.

TLDR or nutshell of who I mostly work with, these days:
-creatives, change makers, adhd'ers, purpose-filled, and sometimes deeply stuck people 

-solopreneurs, small biz/org owners/leaders
-people in relationships or friendships that are uniquely challenging (i.e. someone overuses substances, boundaries, dissatisfaction)

my clients have in common that they care deeply about others - and their impact/legacy in the world. they often have a unique purpose/calling to create something in the world.

Book a coaching session by clicking on pic (or here). 

Coaching Info Note: 

The 3 questions you are asked when booking help me get a sense of you and what you're looking for; answering these  helps me know and prepare to help you in an impactful way right from the beginning. I offer these one-off sessions because my goal is to help you immediately; if further coaching with me seems useful, I offer packages; we can talk about this.

If you have questions before booking, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. I'll be in touch.

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Here because you heard about Intuitive Journeys - my small group coaching program for women?

Intuitive Journeys is a season-long program (i.e. spring) for women looking for deeper guidance and coaching support while navigating changes/crossroads in their life, relationship, or business. When it's next scheduled, that info will be here - applications open 6 weeks-ish ahead.

More about who this is most helpful for is below.

At this time, Intuitive Journeys is open to women only (or, anyone not male). If this means you would not be able to participate, FYI I work with any gender in my 1-1 coaching. I may run a version of this program open to any genders in 2024. If you want to be notified if this happens, fill out my contact form below.

Intuitive Journeys** will be helpful if you... 

  • are a woman* who senses that what's happening in this season is important for you to attend more deeply to - and you know it's your road to walk (as in, no one can - even if they try - do this for you)

  • have done some of your own growth 'work' - whatever that looks like - and now, you feel like it is a good time to seek more guidance. quality company coming with that guidance also seems like a good idea, or one you are open to (Intuitive Journeys happens in a small group setting/community, virtually)

  • you really are not a fan of receiving unsolicited advice - esp shit*y advice (you maybe laughed reading this... I SEE YOU) :)

  • you already practice reflective listening, like learning, and care about growth

  • have bigger questions you're wondering about or are at / inside of a crossroads moment like:

    • do i pursue x big idea i've dreamed about?

    • is this a friendship/relationship/place i still belong in? 

    • who am i / will i be as i navigate....

      • x new stage of adulting / identity change (i.e. stepparent, recent college grad, artist who shares her work!, new biz owner/career, ADHD, habitual people-pleaser, mother newly letting go of my adult child

      • going through a loss, hard change, disappointment (i.e. divorce, death, firing, retiring, estrangement/separation)

      • connected to someone who over-uses substances /over-does things in ways that affect and concern me/those i love​

      • boundaries, patterns - relational and communication (i.e. feeling powerless/trapped, over-functioning for someone else)

  •        *anyone not he/him 

Intuitive Journeys Feedback
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