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Here about Intuitive Journeys, the group coaching program? 

Scroll down to read about it.

Book a 1-1 coaching session by clicking on pic (or here). 


There are 3 questions you are asked when booking, let me know more there about your season - or if you're reaching out for coaching not around this exactly - let me know more as you book.

If you have questions first - feel free to fill out the contact form at bottom of this page. I'll be in touch.

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Here because you heard about Intuitive Journeys - my small group coaching program for women?

Intuitive Journeys is a 3ish month-long program for women who want deeper guidance and coaching support that I run 2-3 times a year. It next begins in late Jan/early Feb. Applications for this coaching program open right here, soon. More about who it is most helpful for is below.

At this time, Intuitive Journeys is open to women only (or, anyone not male). If this means you would not be able to participate, FYI I work with any gender in my 1-1 coaching. I may run a version of this program open to any genders in 2024. If you want to be notified if this happens, fill out my contact form below.

Intuitive Journeys will likely be helpful if you...

  • have a strong sense this season of change is really important for you

  • want to attend more deeply to what there is in this time for you to learn and act on

  • have some big-picture or life decisions you're sitting with or working your way towards making, in realms like these:

    • your business/business idea, personal relationship(s), major life transition, wild dreams (the possibilities are kind of endless)

  • value being in alignment with what's best/ meant for you

  • are a pretty likable kind curious woman* who enjoys growth and learning

       *or aka - anyone not he/him 

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