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Here for a compass session? Scroll to bottom.
Intuitive Journeys is my 3ish month course created for those who right now, could use more guidance and support as you explore and move towards what this season has in store. Course fee includes 12 months of membership in Northward Journeys, my private virtual community.

snapshot of who IJ course is for: here

a lot more about IJ course: here

Shifting Journeys workshop is not happening right now. When it does, this is a 90-minute virtual workshop for kind adult humans who find themselves navigating a season of change.

Flyer is here, details + tickets will be available via Eventbrite when more are scheduled.


An alternative to attending a Shifting Journeys workshop is to book a 45-minute compass session 1-1 with me (free, for now). The link to do this is below. 


Attending a Shifting Journeys workshop or doing a 1-1 Compass Session is a pre-requisite for enrollment in Intuitive Journeys. 

Scroll down to book a 1-1 compass session. 

Compass Pointing North

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