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The Latest Exciting News...
Intuitive Journeys is a 10-week course beginning on Jan. 11 for women* in a season of new, deeper change. Who you are, what you can do, will not do, will prioritize, or won't pursue - a lot is shifting.
If you also feel more strongly like it might be the time to focus on this? You're feeling more ready to ultimately center yourself in ways you really haven't, or haven't been able to, before? 
Then-- you are who this course is meant for.

More about Intuitive Journeys is at this form.
*women and you, if your pronouns are not he/his 

Shifting Journeys is Sarah's signature 90-minute experiential workshop where curious humans looking for clarity while in the midst of a season of change, get some help and a decision-making tool to use (pdf flyer here)*

*To be notified when Sarah offers workshops again, fill out this form.

Summer 2022 Road-trip
Sarah road-tripped around a lot of the US for a couple months with dog Hazel. Her intention was to talk with people randomly yet purposefully who she met - to see how people were doing, especially in smaller towns / rural areas she drove through. Her partner joined her 5 weeks in; together they worked some, relaxed, survived their first bout of  COVID (awful) - and enjoyed many beautiful moments together as they made their way back home.
At some point she's launching a podcast, and you'll hear more about this and how it relates to what she's doing in her life/biz..

Sarah opened up about her life's journey on the podcast Dreams ARE Real - "A Life's Journey Learning How Not to Be an Asshole" is on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRADIO, TuneIn, and many more platforms.
Sarah's Talk @ Google about defensive communication came out not long before the pandemic. She recommends if this seems like it'd be helpful for you -- watching it with an open heart (and your partner, if possible).

Sarah's book about assholes was secured as a prop for the CBS TV show Tommy, starring Edie Falco, in 2019.
Tommy premiered February 6, 2020 and was canceled after one season - Sarah's book appeared in the original trailer and was to be used in the pilot, initially, however they recast the character of the mayor and did not end up using it.
Sarah still enjoyed her brief glimpse into the world of props and filming of TV shows though (and... Edie Falco held her book!) :)

Sarah co-leads the state of Michigan with David Joseph (Southfield) and Teresa Getman (South Haven), for the US-based political nonprofit, Braver Angels. She's more in the background these days, helping to strategically guide and support Michigan-related efforts.

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