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In Other Exciting News...
Sarah has been on an internet hiatus for much of the last two years (pandemic) doing more of her work behind the scenes/virtually. She will be around more in 2022 and is thinking about starting a podcast.

Sarah opened up about her life's journey on the podcast Dreams ARE Real - "A Life's Journey Learning How Not to Be an Asshole" is on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRADIO, TuneIn, and many more platforms.

Sarah's Talk @ Google about defensive communication came out not long before the pandemic. She recommends watching with your partner. 

Sarah's book about assholes was secured as a prop for the CBS TV show Tommy, starring Edie Falco, in 2019.
Tommy premiered February 6, 2020 and was canceled after one season - Sarah's book appeared in the original trailer and was to be used in the pilot, initially, however they recast the character of the mayor and did not end up using it. Sarah still enjoyed her brief glimpse into the world of props and filming of TV shows though (and... Edie Falco held her book!) :)

Sarah stepped down in November 2021 from co-leading the state of Michigan, primarily due to time constraints, for the US-focused political communication nonprofit Braver Angels. She remains active at the state level strategically in Michigan helping as she is able.

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